Skills for Education and Employment (SEE)

see-188The Skills for Education and Employment Program (SEE) program seeks to improve eligible job seekers foundation skills including employability skills, reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication, and learning strategies.

 Participation in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) programme is an approved activity that contributes towards job seekers Annual Activity Requirements.  SEE is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Education and Training. The program provides up to 800 hours of free training. There are no costs to Employment Providers or job seekers associated with referral to SEE.


60% of job seekers need to improve their skills to obtain and maintain employment or training (PIAAC 2011). A SEE Pre-training Assessment can identify hidden skills gaps. Many job seekers could benefit from SEE training including:  

  • Any job seeker having difficulty completing forms, understanding written instructions, expressing themselves clearly, or performing basic calculations  
  • Aboriginal, migrant or refugee clients for whom English is a second language  · Early school leavers, or those with a history of interrupted schooling
  • Long term unemployed clients
  • Mature aged job seekers who did not complete year 10 equivalent  
  • Skilled and articulate job seekers who may also have skills gaps that prevent them  from retaining work or getting the qualifications they need to progress their careers.  


Mission Australia’s SEE courses are taught in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Learning is self-paced and guided by qualified and experienced staff in South Australia, New South Wales, the NT and Tasmania.


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