What do I do if my Mission Australia Housing property is not meeting my needs?

All Mission Australia Housing tenants can apply for a transfer, but your application may not be approved if:

  • You have been in your current property less than 12 months
  • You have transferred 2 or more times in the last 5 years (excluding forced transfers)
  • You are in rental arrears or have an outstanding non-rent debt
  • You are currently in breach of your tenancy agreement
  • There are concerns about your ability to manage or maintain a tenancy
  • You have not provided sufficient evidence to show that you need a transfer
  • It is known that Mission Australia Housing will not be able to satisfy your housing needs.

When applying for a transfer, you must complete a Transfer Application Form and provide evidence as to why you require a transfer. Applications for transfer will not be accepted unless all supporting documentation and evidence are provided.

If you have been approved for a transfer you will go on to the transfer waiting list which is managed in the same way as the general waiting list. If your transfer application is not approved you will be provided with information as to why your application was declined.

Mission Australia Housing will conduct up to two rent reviews per year.

We do this to ensure that all tenants are paying the correct amount of rent, as per their income details and to update any changes to the household income. You will receive a letter from MAH prior to your rent review letting you know what information we will need about your income and the date we need it by.

If you do not provide your income details by the due date you may have your rental rebate cancelled and you will be required to pay market rent.

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