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Meet Lauren

Lauren suffered years of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her husband, but always blamed herself for his actions. When Lauren’s children were threatened, she had to leave.

Mission Australia first met Lauren and the children after they were referred to our Brighter Futures Program. We know from our work that the damaging impact of witnessing domestic violence and abuse on children can cast a long shadow, sometimes with inter-generational consequences.

Over a two-year period, we worked closely with Lauren to help her understand that the abuse was not her fault. We helped the family move to public housing and gave Lauren the strategies she needed to feel more resilient as a parent and strengthen her bond with her children.

They have now turned their lives around. The kids are flourishing at school and Lauren recently graduated from TAFE and is working as an adult learning tutor. She not only helps and supports other young people but has proved to be a strong independent woman, capable of fighting for her children. Thanks to supporters like you, the family’s future is bright.

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Lauren, 30 years old

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In 2016, Mission Australia helped more than 130,000 Australians to get back on their feet and move towards independence, including more than 27,000 people through our families, children and early learning services.


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