An eye opener -
seeing homelessness in Australia for what it really is

42% of those who are homeless in Australia are under the age of 25 1

Do you think every child in Australia should have a safe place to call home?

What does a person who is homeless look like?

Take a moment to think of three words you’d use to describe them:

  • Ageing?
  • Scruffy?
  • Sad?

Only 6%* of people who are homeless actually sleep rough

Most are what we term ‘hidden homeless’.

These people aren't holding up cardboard signs on a street corner or sleeping in shop doorways. But they are stuffing their belongings into plastic bags and moving from friends’ couches to shelters, wondering about their next move.

Some are even living in their cars.

What would it take for you to notice us?

Many Australian children have no place to call home

Homelessness can happen to anyone - teenagers, adults, grandparents and a growing number of families with children.

Imagine being a child, doing all of the things that children enjoy ─ going to school, making friends, playing in the schoolyard ─ but with one big difference: your family has no place to call home.

Homelessness affects children emotionally, socially and academically.

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Homelessness damages childhood and destroys futures

Together let’s move more Australian families in need towards independence.