Children don't get a say if their family become homeless

Tonight as you sleep in your bed, there are 17,845^ children under the age of 12 who have no choice about where they sleep

They are spending the night in cars, in hostels or even on the streets not far from you.


We are determined to give every family a safe place to live

We asked one Australian family to live in their car for one week on $60 a day, so we could capture what it’s really like.

Can you imagine living in your car?

Do you want every child to have safe place to live?
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photo of homeless girl

No one chooses to be homeless

Every day we make decisions. Some are easy. Some require a bit more thought. But we don’t always have the luxury of choice. Sometimes the decision is taken out of our hands.

Lily’s family didn’t choose to move out of their rental property. And, Lily definitely didn’t choose to sleep in the back of the family car.

Homelessness can happen overnight

For Lily’s family, homelessness happened quickly. Much faster than Amy, Lily’s mum, would ever have believed possible. All it took was for their rental property to be sold unexpectedly.

There was no temporary accommodation available for a family of four, so they were forced to sleep in their car. Amy tried desperately to find another place to rent in their price range, but there is a lack of affordable housing in Australia for people on a low income.

photo of homeless family in car

We work tirelessly to help Australian families escape or avoid homelessness

Mission Australia provides:
  • Crisis accommodation
  • Transitional housing
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Specialist support services

We support young people, adults and families to break the cycle of homelessness and move towards independence.

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photo of homeless family in car

Together we can do so much more

Homelessness damages childhood and destroys futures

Together let’s move more Australian families in need towards independence.