A mother's anguish

“As a mum, it was terrible not being able to give my children a home. You can’t begin to imagine how guilty I felt to see them suffering.”

Amy, Lily’s mum

The human toll

1 in 6^ children live below the poverty line.

Every day in Australia, there are children like Lily, who go without basics like nutritious meals, clean clothes and a warm bed to sleep in. After moving schools twice, Lily and her brother Aiden had trouble keeping up with their schoolwork and making new friends. And their little sister Emma was always sickly and anxious.

“I stopped seeing my friends, because I felt dirty. We couldn’t shower as much as we wanted or needed to.” Amy, Lily’s mum.

photo of family living in the car

Could it happen to you?

How long would your savings last if you lost your job or your rent/mortgage payments went up?

No place to stay

One of the most urgent priorities for any family is a safe place to live.

There is a dire shortage of suitable accommodation for families experiencing homelessness in Australia.

That’s why family groups are most likely to be turned away when seeking crisis accommodation for the first time. Last year 110,628 people presented as families with children to homeless services.

population of homeless children
family at house provided by Fairfax

Independence is precious

Your support helps us to do so much more than just provide housing.

It helps us to give people access to the same opportunities, resources and social connections that many of us take for granted:

  • Affordable housing
  • A steady job
  • An adequate income
  • A decent education
  • The chance to participate in society

The support we receive from generous Australians like you helps us to create powerful and sustainable change for Australians in need.

Together we can do so much more

Homelessness damages childhood and destroys futures

Together let’s move more Australian families in need towards independence.