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$19 can help to buy groceries for Christmas Day
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Help end family homelessness

Sadly, 105,0001 Australians will be homeless this Christmas. Many of them will be families with children in desperate need of your help.

Will's story

My Dad got cancer. He tried to work, but he was too sick.

He’d been sick for a while, and when he started getting treatment for cancer, he had to give up his business.

My brother Noah* and I wanted to help but we couldn’t do the work for him. Since Dad had no job, there wasn’t enough money to pay our rent. We had to leave our home.

We could only take a few things – like school and cooking stuff – and we put it all in Dad’s work van. That’s where we slept. It was awful. Dad wanted us to keep doing well at school. But there wasn’t much space to do our homework in the van, and we couldn’t keep things clean. I was embarrassed. I didn’t want my friends to know I was homeless.

My Dad had a talk with Noah and me. He said he felt bad about everything, and asked if we wanted to live somewhere else without him. But we love our Dad and we wanted to stay with him and look after him.

Then Mission Australia helped us. I’m really worried about all the other families who don’t have a home. Can you please help them this Christmas?

Will, homeless at 11

“My Dad was dying and we had to live in his work van - until Mission Australia helped us.”

Will, 11 years old

No child should be homeless

No home for Christmas

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Your donation today is life-changing and will help us to support struggling Australian families before they become overwhelmed and unable to cope.

In 2016, Mission Australia helped more than 130,000 Australians to get back on their feet and move towards independence, including more than 27,000 people through our families, children and early learning services.

Your support is critical in helping us to give every child in Australia the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

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Our promise to you

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More than 86% of Mission Australia's income goes towards delivering services that support Australians in need.

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1 ABS Census of population and housing 2012: Estimating homelessness, 2011 
* All names and images have been changed to protect identities