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Through charitable donations  from people like you we can continue to help children in need. This is the story of the Sarah* and her two children who had already experienced hardships in their young lives and came to us with the threat of homeless present.

A family in need
Recently Sarah and her two children, Mia and Archie, were referred by a nurse to Mission Australia’s Kids Gym facility. The family were identified as especially vulnerable with a variety of risk factors.

When four-year old  Mia arrived at Kids Gym she was very shy, lacking confidences and displaying learning difficulties. Mia had also previously experienced domestic violence at the hands of her mother’s previous partner. 10-month-old Archie was experiencing developmental issues, including not yet being able to sit up unassisted. The family was very close to being homeless and needed support from a charity like Mission Australia.

Family counselling was arranged, which allowed Sarah to gain emotional support in an informal and non-threatening manner. Sarah was shown how best to help Mia to participate in activities, and a physiotherapist was brought in to show Sarah and the case worker how they could best support Archie’s development in each session.

By the end of term Archie was sitting for short periods of time and showing other positive signs of development. Mia settled into the Kids Gym routine and was noticeably more confident and sociable and Sarah has a renewed confidence in her life and role as mother to the two children. The family have had a positive experience and are going to keep attending these sessions.

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Through charity donation Mission Australia supported 4,893 families with children through 124 children and family services last year alone.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of people we help.




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can help provide a family of 5 with a pack of children's clothing, educational books and toys to help set them up .



can provide a place to help a disadvantaged child in a school holiday playgroup.



can pay for a week's accommodation and counselling to support a child who has been abused.



can support a child from a homeless family with safe and secure accommodation for a fortnight.

One-off donation



can provide three new toys for a disadvantaged child at one of our early learning centres.



can help pay for a parenting workshop that aims to reduce child abuse and neglect.



can help pay for a qualified Case Manager to support a child in need and their family.



can help pay for a crisis or medium-term accommodation for a child from a family in need.

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