School success starts at home but what if your home life has fallen apart?

For most children, starting school is a time of exciting new opportunities. But for some children, starting school is tough - particularly if they have to bring the debilitating effects of disadvantage to school with them. Help us to give children in need the best start at school.

Clara’s story

Last year we helped to create a safe and secure environment for 6-year old Clara, whose troubled home life spilled across the school gates, making the transition to a new school extremely difficult.

Clara’s mum Sarai fled her home after years of domestic violence. She took Clara and her little brother Cody to Sydney, but with no income, family ties or friends to fall back on, Sarai struggled to make ends meet. Every night, the three of them slept together on the sofa because Sarai couldn’t afford to buy beds.

Clara’s first few weeks of school did not go smoothly. She would cry and refuse to eat breakfast and complained of constant headaches and stomach pains. She was also having difficulty making friends. Sarai lacked the confidence and language skills to talk to Clara’s teacher about their situation.

It was a chance meeting with Mission Australia that transformed the family’s life. We helped Sarai furnish her unit so she could create a proper home for the children. Having her own bed to sleep in has made a dramatic difference to Clara’s health and wellbeing.

We also organised for Sarai to attend English language lessons. This gave her the confidence to talk with Clara’s teacher to help Clara to recover from the trauma. With our support, Sarai has gone to TAFE and has already completed a Certificate III in Childcare Services.

Clara is now doing so well at school that she received a teacher’s award for reading at the end of the year. Please donate today to help us give other children like Clara in need the best start at school.

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Clara, 6-years old

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