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Addiction to alcohol and other drugs can be difficult to break without the right support. With a range of residential and non-residential programs, Mission Australia takes a holistic approach to help individuals break free from dependencies and achieve their life goals.

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The reasons for addiction and dependencies are varied. Addiction can be a complex disease, or disorder - a vicious cycle that can be very difficult to break without the right support.

At Mission Australia we deliver a holistic approach by considering social, environmental, physical, mental and vocational experiences and the after-effects of addiction. We work with people across all areas of personal development, with the goal of breaking the addiction and living a happy, healthy life without problematic alcohol and drug use.

Our alcohol and other drugs services include residential and non-residential treatment, assessment, referral, withdrawal, and intervention services.

Alcohol and other drugs services for young people:

We also offer a range of services – including withdrawal and rehabilitation programs – to help young people aged 12-21 years who are affected by alcohol and other drugs.

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