Disabled person having an interview

Local Area Coordinator - Cairns

Disability support

Bungalow, 4870

NDIS provides people with disability, their families and carers across Australia with support, to meet their needs and link with their community

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379 Little Spence Street Bungalow QLD 4870
Phone number
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Opening hours

9am to 5pm

Who we assist

Participants who have a permanent disability which impacts on one or more areas of functional capacity

Eligibility criteria

Age - under 65yrs
Residency - Australian Citizen, hold a Permeant Visa or hold protected special category visa
Permanent Disability impacts on functional capacity

Referral process

Phone Mission Australia on 1800 860 555 or visit the NDIS website www.ndis.gov.au

Local Area Coordinator - Cairns location

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