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Disability Management Services (DMS) assists job seekers with disability, injury or a health condition, assistance in finding a job and support keeping a job. Disability Employment Solutions (DES) assists employers to hire staff with an injury, disability or health condition. DES provides employers with ongoing assistance, training & support and access to a range of other support services including wage subsidies & financial assistance to help cover costs such as modifying the workplace or purchasing adaptive technologies or interpreting services.

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170 George Street Liverpool NSW 2170
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If you are a job seeker with a disability, injury or health condition, Mission Australia can provide you with tailored services to help you find and keep a job. We offer ongoing assistance and training to help employees settle into their roles.

Once you find a job, we will continue to provide you with ongoing support for up to 12 months, to help you settle into the workplace. Mission Australia can assess the suitability of this work in regard to your condition and injury.

We can also assist you with accessing a range of other support services, depending on your personal circumstances.

Mission Australia also runs a free service to help businesses hire people with disabilities.

We treat all of our job seekers fairly and with respect, in line with the Disability Services Standards.

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Eligibility criteria

Our Disability Management Service (DMS) supports job seekers with temporary or permanent disability, injury or health conditions who require the assistance of a Disability Employment Service (DES) Provider and may require flexible, ongoing support but do not need regular, long-term support in the workplace.

Referral process

We receive direct referrals as well as referrals through the Department of Human Services, jobactive providers and other referral services.

Disability Employment Service (DES - DMS) - Liverpool Outreach location

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