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National Psychosocial Support Measure - Transitional Arrangements - Inner West

Mental health recovery

Sydney, 2000

Mission Australia's psychosocial support services in Inner West provides support to people with mental illness as they transition to the NDIS, as well as to those who are not eligible for NDIS or for whom NDIS is not the most appropriate support. Working within a recovery framework, the service supports people to achieve their recovery goals by providing non-clinical services so that people are able to maintain their housing, manage their finances and daily living activities, engage in work or training, and maintain their physical and social wellbeing.

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Levels 7 and 8
580 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone number

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

Who we assist

People living with severe and peristent mental health issues and living with complex needs.

Eligibility criteria

NDIS Eligibility Tested outcome declined
Wanting to Test NDIS eligibility
NDIS Application or Review Outcome Pending
Current PIR consumers only

Referral process

No referral or intake and assessment process.

National Psychosocial Support Measure - Transitional Arrangements - Inner West location

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