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qantas-foundation-logo-165The Qantas Foundation is passionate about creating life changing experiences for the next generation of Australians.

Since 2000, the Qantas and Mission Australia partnership has resulted in high levels of support for many different services.

Charcoal Lane and Circles of Care (Cairns) have both greatly benefited from these donations which have enabled them to better help the clients.

In addition to these services, the Qantas Foundation's funding will also enable Mission Australia's social enterprise, Soft Landing, to further up-scale their current operations.

This program will also create traineeships that will provide disadvantaged young persons with valuable employment and trade skills.

Mission Australia and Qantas staff have worked together on various employee engagement and volunteering opportunities with a mutually beneficial outcome and impact.

These include The Winter and Christmas Gift drives lunches at Charles Chambers Court and a Family Day at the Zoo, allowing staff to get involved and witness firsthand the impact that they as individuals and Qantas as a collective can make.

This on-going holistic partnership with the Qantas Foundation has enabled Mission Australia to assist its clients to break the cycle of homelessness and be able to stand for themselves.

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