Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder where individuals have little control over their addiction, despite the risk of devastating consequences.  

We like a bet in this country; whether it’s playing the pokies or putting money on the horses or footy. While most Australians gamble for entertainment, thousands develop habits that cause harm to themselves, their families and even their communities.

The Productivity Commission’s Report on Gambling found that around 115,000 Australian adults experience problem gambling, with a further 280,000 at moderate risk of developing a problem.

Problem gamblers may find they have no money to buy food or pay their bills. They often experience health problems, such as stress, depression, anxiety and loss of sleep, and may be at risk of losing their family, friends, house or job.

People gamble at high levels for different reasons. Some do it to make money, others gamble to escape life’s stresses or fill in time when there’s nothing else to do.

Whatever the reason for a person’s gambling problem, the one thing that’s guaranteed is the longer someone continues, the harder it is to stop.

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