Change of circumstances

Change of circumstances

What do I do if my Mission Australia Housing property is not meeting my needs?

Mission Australia Housing recognises that the need of our tenants and their household members may change over time and we will work with tenants where possible to accommodate those changes. These changes may require tenants to transfer to a different property, that is better suited to their needs. Tenants may apply for a transfer to another property where changes in their circumstances, or that of their household, make their existing property or location no longer suitable.

To be eligible for a transfer, a tenant must:

  • Be eligible for social housing at the time they make the transfer application and at the time of offer
  • Have fully repaid any outstanding accounts from any former tenancy and be up to date in their current tenancy or be following a debt repayment plan. A tenant may apply with outstanding debts, but MAH can only make an offer of alternative housing where all debts are fully repaid
  • Have been a tenant for a minimum of twelve months and have an acceptable tenancy record
  • Demonstrate that their circumstances have changed and that their current property or location is no longer suitable
  • Demonstrate that moving will resolve or improve their current situation

When applying for a transfer, you must complete a Transfer Application Form and provide evidence as to why you require a transfer. Applications for transfer will not be accepted unless all supporting documentation and evidence are provided.

If you have been approved for a transfer you will go on to the transfer waiting list which is managed in the same way as the general waiting list. If your transfer application is not approved you will be provided with information as to why your application was declined.

Mission Australia Housing will conduct up to two rent reviews per year.

We do this to ensure that all tenants are paying the correct amount of rent, as per their income details and to update any changes to the household income. You will receive a letter from Mission Australia Housing prior to your rent review letting you know what information we will need about your income and the date we need it by.

If you do not provide your income details by the due date you may have your rental rebate cancelled and you will be required to pay market rent.

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