Tenant action groups

Get involved through the NSW Tenant Action Group or your local Resident Steering Committee

Mission Australia Housing’s Tenant Action Group is a forum for tenants to influence, improve and shape the services we deliver to best suit you.

The Tenant Action Group is made up of and led by our tenants, with an elected chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Feeding in to the work of the Tenant Action Group are our local tenant committee’s in each area.

Being a part of the Tenant Action Group you will have the chance to:

  • Improve service delivery
  • Share your local knowledge
  • Build relationships with the wider community
  • Have a say about future housing policy
  • Organise social activities to build community connection
  • Provide a voice for tenants with local and state government
  • Join the tenant led Tenant Forum that is held every year
  • Make sure tenants are provided with relevant information in easy-to-read formats, like our fact sheets and our quarterly tenant newsletters
  • Develop skills through education, training and volunteering opportunities

Our Community Engagement Officers are here to provide help and support to members of the Tenant Action Group as needed.

“I enjoy advocating on behalf of tenants and I am proud of the difference we’ve been able to achieve as a group. We provide an important link between Mission Australia Housing and the tenants. Tenant-to-tenant support is vital. It connects us to each other and the wider community, providing a rewarding experience for everyone involved.” Brian Perry, previous Chair of TAG (2015)

NSW Tenant Action Group Outreach Program

“I would just like a phone call every now and again because nobody ever knocks”.

This program was recently set up by the Tenant Action Group to help tenants who were feeling lonely. When your kids are all grown up, you leave work, get sick, or someone you love dies it can be a very lonely time.

“My daughter is very busy with her family which is understandable but sometimes I feel lonely. I just want contact with someone regularly”.

The outreach program connects volunteers to tenants who regularly check in by phone or by dropping in for a cup of tea and a chat. Having regular contact and knowing that help is only a phone call away has completely changed some tenants’ lives.

For 78 year old Peter* the grief of losing his wife of 50 years was devastating. With his children living interstate and no close friends or family to rely on, Peter’s health and quality of life began to suffer. Although Mission Australia Housing took care of Peter’s rent and property maintenance, he felt desperately lonely. Our Tenant Action Group Outreach Program organised a volunteer to visit Peter at home each week. He now feels connected to the local community and has a new sense of belonging.

Quita, from the NSW Tenant Action Group committee says that

“I call tenants weekly just for a social chat but they can talk about anything. In this program they are not just a tenant, not just a number. The Outreach Program provides a sense of being part of a community.”

If you are in NSW and this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, either as a volunteer caller or to have a chat, please call your Community Development Team on 1800 269 672.

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