Ending your tenancy

Ending your tenancy

I need to end my tenancy with Mission Australia Housing

If you want to end your tenancy you are required to give either:

  • 3 weeks notice (21 days) to vacate your property if you are on a continuing lease
  • 14 days notice at the end of a fixed term lease

Notices will need to be provided in writing to Mission Australia Housing. In cases where you are unable to give 3 weeks’ notice due to being offered a permanent public housing property or due to exceptional circumstances, you may be able to negotiate this with Mission Australia Housing.

Once Mission Australia Housing has received your notice to vacate, a Housing Manager will contact you to discuss the vacating procedure.

If you leave your property without giving notice Mission Australia Housing may consider your property to be abandoned. In this case, staff will seek to end your tenancy. If Mission Australia has to spend money as a result of you abandoning your property and/or goods within your property, you will be required to pay a debt to Mission Australia Housing as per the Debt Management Policy

If you abandon your property with a rent or non-rent debt owing to Mission Australia Housing you will still be required to pay your debt.

What do I need to do at the end of my tenancy with Mission Australia Housing?

When you sign a lease for your property, you will be given a property condition report, detailing the condition of the premises you are moving into. As the tenant, you must review and complete this form, add any comments and return it to your Housing Manager within 7 days of being given the condition report.

If you move out of your property, this report will be used by Mission Australia Housing to determine whether there is any excess damage to the property and whether your bond will be returned to you or claimed.

Mission Australia Housing will carry out a pre-vacating inspection of your property 5-7 days before you vacate. The inspection gives you and Mission Australia Housing an opportunity to check the condition of the property and make sure that you are ready to hand back the property to Mission Australia Housing in the same condition you leased it from us (fair wear and tear accepted). Mission Australia Housing will also carry out an inspection within 48 hours of you vacating the property.

You will be asked to attend both inspections and you will be provided with an opportunity to fix any outstanding issues at this time.

You are required to return your property keys when you vacate your Mission Australia Housing property, including any keys that were created during your tenancy the day you vacate your property or the morning after.

If you fail to return your property keys staff may take action under the Debt Management Policy and/or Arrears Management Policy

Mission Australia Housing may charge you a daily rent fee until your property keys have been returned.

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