Mission Australia Housing NT (MAHNT) is thrilled to announce the successful transfer of 251 social homes in Darwin.

This landmark transfer, the first of its kind in the Territory, ensures people living in these social homes will have access to specialised housing support, and opportunities to connect to local community services and programs.

As one of the largest national providers of both community services and housing, Mission Australia's ambition is to achieve the best possible outcomes for people living in these homes and their communities.

Mission Australia Housing NT

Mission Australia Housing is a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider, which currently owns or manages more than 4,000 social and affordable homes across the country.

While the Northern Territory Government retains ownership of the homes, Mission Australia’s Housing team manages the properties in Darwin and provides high-quality tenancy support to all residents.

In preparation for the historic transfer of social homes from the NT Government, Mission Australia’s Housing staff proactively engaged with residents and organised community events to address queries and ensure tenants felt supported throughout the transition process.

Mission Australia CEO Sharon Callister said the transfer was a fantastic opportunity to increase the organisation’s support within the community.

“With a proud history in the Northern Territory as a community services provider, our dedicated local staff have worked alongside people and families in times of need for many years,” she said.

“Here in the Northern Territory, we’re committed to providing quality tenancy management and supporting community development and tenant-led initiatives to cultivate a vibrant, thriving and welcoming neighbourhood.

“This transfer also enables our Housing team to collaborate closely with our support services and local community organisations to deliver cohesive, tailored support for all residents.

“We use the ‘Housing First’ approach. That is, Mission Australia is providing safe, secure housing that people can afford and the professional, holistic and person-centred support they need to stay in their home and thrive.

“These properties are more than a home, they’re also part of a supported community with opportunities for people to connect with services, activities, work, study and each other.”

Mission Australia Housing Executive Manager Chris Bratchford echoed these sentiments and said it was a privilege take on the management of the homes.

“We’re immensely proud to establish Mission Australia Housing in the region, supporting residents to participate, flourish and reach their potential,” he said.

Mission Australia Housing NT

Mission Australia Housing NT

“This significant transfer represents months of dedicated effort by our teams, and we’re grateful for their hard work, passion and firm commitment to support people and families during this period of change.

“As the first large-scale transfer of public housing by the NT Government in the Greater Darwin Region, this initiative underscores our collective belief that everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable home.

“We are humbled to have been entrusted by the Territory Government with this opportunity to provide supported community homes and empower Territorians to thrive.”

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