Mission Australia, a leading national charity dedicated to tackling homelessness and social disadvantage, and member of the Everybody's Home campaign, is proud to support the People's Commission into the Housing Crisis event at Sydney University on 23-24 May 2024.  

The People's Commission, organised by Everybody's Home and its supporters, is an important opportunity for individuals with lived experiences of homelessness and housing stress to share their stories, insights and ideas for solutions with decision-makers and the broader community. 

Co-commissioners Doug Cameron (former Labor Senator for NSW) and Prof Nicole Gurran (University of Sydney housing expert) will hear evidence over two days in Sydney (23-24 May). 

Sharon Callister, CEO of Mission Australia said: "Those who have experienced homelessness or housing instability must be at the heart of discussions about Australia's housing and homelessness crisis. Their voices are invaluable in shaping interventions and policies. They have essential expertise in what will work – and won’t work – to end Australia’s housing emergency. 

“Australia’s housing system is broken and is the worst our frontline workers have seen. We see everyday how rising cost-of-living and the housing emergency is pushing people to make tough financial choices – between paying the power bill, paying the rent to keep a roof over their head or putting food on the table.” 

To effectively address the housing emergency, Mission Australia calls for comprehensive solutions, including the establishment of a $500 million Homelessness Prevention Transformation Fund so that frontline staff can focus on providing early intervention support to help people avoid homelessness. 

"Ending homelessness goes beyond bricks and mortar: it requires meaningful prevention measures and support services," said Ms Callister. 

She continued: "In addition, nearly one million new social and affordable homes will be needed in the next two decades to keep pace with demand. Current government pledges across Australia fall far short of this pressing need. Our housing system is in disarray: it’s the most dire that our frontline workers have seen. Securing an affordable rental property today is like searching for a needle in a haystack, particularly for those with low incomes. 

“We look forward to seeing the report from the People’s Commission and the new ideas that emerge from this important process,” said Ms Callister.  

Mission Australia encourages all individuals and organisations impacted by the housing emergency to actively participate in this important dialogue during and beyond the People’s Commission. The Everybody’s Home campaign now has more than 43,000 individual supporters and more than 500 organisational supporters.  

View the agenda or register to watch the People’s Commission online.  

Mission Australia has been a supporter of Everybody’s Home for six years.   

Other info: 

  • The Commission has received hundreds of submissions from individuals and organisations  
  • A third day of hearings will occur online with a date to be confirmed. 
  • For more information about the hearings: https://everybodyshome.com.au/peoples-commission/hearings/  
  • The People’s Commission will examine the experiences of people struggling to access affordable and suitable housing, the flow-on impacts of the housing crisis, the impacts of current policy settings on housing affordability and access to housing, as well as actions that can be taken by governments to improve it.  
  • A final report will be published with recommendations for the federal government.  

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