Mission Australia is proud to have had approximately 1,800 volunteers contributing 220,000 hours last year. These individuals are invaluable to the work we do in meeting human need and spreading the love of God. While their contributions are worth over $9 million*, it is their commitment to our mission that we value the most. To give of themselves and their time, without the expectation of financial reward.

As we kick off National Volunteer Week under the theme “Making a world of difference,” we would like to thank all those who give of their hearts and their time to organisations such as ours.

It is a theme that aptly surmises the work of volunteers through their generous contributions.

Within Mission Australia, we are fortunate to receive volunteer support in a wide cross-section of functions. Our volunteers can be community focused, supporting events and services or provide corporate support in skilled functions like marketing, policy and research.

Notably, Mission Australia volunteers were vital in the delivery of our successful Christmas Lunch in the Park (CLIP) in Perth, WA, and in Court Support Services at our Mission Australia Centre, Sydney NSW. CLIP alone, drew over 250 volunteers from 450 applications last year and lunch was distributed to over 1100 guests as a result.

They also offer key support through corporate partnerships with companies such as PWC and Westpac. PWC has been an instrumental driver in initiatives like The Constellation Project, a collaboration of social impact organisations seeking to create more homes and better journeys for people at risk of and experiencing homelessness. Additionally, PWC recently assisted with the development of a Capability Framework. We were fortunate to have skilled volunteering from Westpac in the design and delivery of training for our Disability Employment Services staff. They were trained in customer service, building client loyalty and managing difficult conversations.

Our community-based volunteers are integral in the day to day running of our services like gardening at our service at Wattle House, Maddington WA and Ebbs House in Brookvale NSW, providing a tranquil environment for people experiencing homelessness. We are fortunate to have volunteers helping with language translation to assist with providing vital information about tenancy and support services in our Housing services.

Charities could not make the same level of impact without the support of volunteers and Mission Australia is no different. This week celebrated the work of approximately six million volunteers across Australia, donating about 734 million hours of time. This equates to an estimated annual return in economic and social contributions of $290 billion.#

It is therefore only fitting that we celebrate the work of our volunteers. Across Australia, some Mission Australia sites will be hosting morning teas for volunteers. We won’t be alone. Nationally, the celebrations across the not for profit sector will be far-reaching, with events like Wear Orange Day on 22 May.

If you are interested in volunteering with Mission Australia, please click below and join us in our mission to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities by meeting human need and spreading the knowledge of the love of God.

Photo of James Toomey, CEO of Mission Australia


James Toomey
CEO Mission Australia


Mission Australia Volunteer

* Australian Bureau of Statistics - Twice a year, the ABS release the dollar value of volunteering and the latest figure announced is $42.25. This can be used until 15 August 2019 and is based on the May 2018 ABS Average Weekly Earnings, Australia and assumes a 38 hour working week.
# (Picone, n.d.)

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Our founding purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'