Your support brought Christine and her daughter Lexi back together.

The past few years have been tough for single mum Christine and her 12-year-old daughter Lexi*.

Lexi’s father was violent, Christine had depression and anxiety, and Lexi was suspected to have ADHD.

Living in southern Tasmania, the two had limited social support networks. Lexi was often in trouble at school over behavioural issues. These extended to home too, where she threw tantrums that would last for hours.

Heartbreakingly, Christine said the two of them almost never had any positive times together. Desperate to turn things around, Christine sought help from Lexi’s school counsellor.

Through Mission Australia’s Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS), Christine received intensive support.

Our staff introduced her to parenting strategies specific to the behaviours and emotions Lexi displayed. She learned how to communicate with Lexi in ways that helped her to process things better, avoid tantrums, and implement routines.

Christine worked hard at all of this, and her consistent approach started to translate into positive progress. Lexi attended day trips for children who have a parent with a mental health issue, and joined another program that connects children with social activities in their community.

In just six months, you’ve helped Christine’s family take big strides forward. Lexi is feeling much more confident in social situations, and recently returned to soccer training. Christine smiles when she shares that they recently went 10-pin bowling together.

They both had a great time and can now look forward to spending Christmas together too. Thanks to you, Christine is filled with hope that her little girl will get to enjoy the childhood she deserves and their relationship will only continue to grow stronger.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of the people we helped.

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