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Keeping Women Safe In Their Homes (KWSITH)

Family & Domestic Violence

Lightning Ridge, 2834

The Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes (KWSITH) is a specialised domestic and family violence program aimed at promoting a victim's housing stability and preventing their homelessness. Through intensive long-term case work that is needs-based and integrated with other key agencies such as the Police, Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services, health services, Housing NSW and relevant NGOs, women are supported to remain in their homes and safe from domestic and family violence. The program is delivered under the Staying Home Leaving Violence initiative.

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Who we assist

SHLV - KWSITH is targeted at women aged over 18 years who have separated from a violent partner or family member, and who choose to remain in their own home, or another home of their choice. Children of these women are also supported by the program.

Eligibility criteria

Priority will be given to women aged over 18 years, who are experiencing family or domestic violence, and where their circumstances may mean they find it more difficult to access support.
Priority circumstances include:
D&FV victims from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background
D&FV victims affected by socio-economic disadvantage
D&FV victims from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds
D&FV victims affected by social exclusion
D&FV victims who have a disability
D&FV victims who are caring for a child with a disability
D&FV victims aged 16 – 18 years for referrals only

Referral process

Referral pathways are established through collaborative networks with Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, NSW Police Force, Housing NSW and other service providers, such as, accommodation support services & self referrals.

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