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Housing Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) Plus

Mental Health Recovery

Eastwood, 2122

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) Plus program is a supported accommodation service for people with severe or persistent mental illness. HASI Plus provides recovery-oriented, high intensity clinical and psychosocial support, 16 - 24 hours per day, to enable consumers to live and participate in the community. HASI Plus works with consumers to improve daily living skills, address both mental and physical health concerns, reduce hospitalisation, maintain a successful tenancy, and then transition to a more independent life in the community.

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Who we assist

Adults aged 18 years and over, with severe or persistent mental illness and significant functional impairment who are ready to transition to living in the community from long-term institutional care, such as mental health facilities, correctional facilities or forensic care settings. HASI Plus prioritises consumers who cannot be discharged from hospital or other institutions without the high level of support the program offers.

Eligibility criteria

Age 18 years or older
Diagnosis of a mental illness
Willingness to accept support and participate in the program
Able to live in the community in a residential setting

Referral process

We accept referrals from Mental Health Teams, both inpatient and community from all LHD’s in NSW, to the Northern Sydney LHD HASI Plus Mental Health Clinician.

Housing Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) Plus location

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Unit 5
27 May Street Eastwood NSW 2122
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Opening hours

24 hours, 7 days a week

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