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Youth on Track - Mid North Coast

Justice & Corrections

Port Macquarie, 2444

Youth on Track is an early intervention program for 10-17 year olds who are at-risk of long-term involvement in the justice system. Youth on Track supports young people (and their families) through case management and evidence-informed interventions to reduce their criminogenic risks and address their needs.

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Who we assist

Youth on Track targets 10 – 17 year old offenders who have a high likelihood of re-offending. These young people have received one or more cautions, conferences or charges and are likely to also have other risk factors. The target group has not yet received a supervised order with Juvenile Justice however, based on an actuarial tool developed by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), has a greater chance of reoffending.

Eligibility criteria

Young person to have at least one formal contacts with Police, including cautions, charges, or Youth Justice Conferences.

A young person will not be eligible if they are under a supervision order with Juvenile Justice at the time of referral.

Referral process

A young person may be referred by:

Automatic referral by YoT Screening Officer via Computerised Operational Policing System (COPS) when a young person's GRAM score is >0.6.

Discretionary referral by Youth Liaison Officer (YLO) when a young person is known to have at least one formal contact with NSW Police.

Discretionary referral by DEC Principal (or delegate) when a young person is known to have at least one formal contact with NSW Police.

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Suite 8 Macquarie Park
27 Grant Street Port Macquarie NSW 2444
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