Mission Australia employees in a Missionbeat van

Missionbeat - Sydney

Housing & homelessness

Surry Hills, 2010

Missionbeat patrols inner Sydney streets seeking out those in distress and offering them support. The iconic vans transport homeless men, women, children, families and men and women experiencing intoxication or dependence on alcohol or drugs to services to meet their immediate needs, including safe accommodation, medical care, food and clothing or, as a last resort, provide a blanket or a street swag. Missionbeat patrol is supported by outreach case workers providing case management support including referral to specialist support and accommodation and access to an aftercare outreach worker for ongoing support.

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19 Denham Street Surry Hills NSW 2010
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Opening hours

7am-11.00am and 1.00pm-9.00pm Monday to Friday.

Who we assist

Missionbeat has been serving Sydney's homeless for almost 40 years. The Missionbeat vans use the Mission Australia radio network to connect people with services – whether it's calling a nurse to treat and dress an infected wound, transport them to a shelter or contacting emergency services for crisis support. Missionbeat responds to public calls for help as well as calls from police, ambulance, community services and government departments.

Eligibility criteria

We assist those who are homeless. We also assist those who are currently engaged with homelessness support case management.

Referral process

You can access this service by calling us on 1800 306 461.

Missionbeat - Sydney location

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Purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'