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Mission Australia Communities for Children (CfC) is an early intervention and prevention program that aims to improve the development, health and wellbeing of children aged 12 and under by addressing local needs and encouraging community participation. Mission Australia, the Facilitating Partner in the Inala to Ipswich area supports place-based community development. Community Partners are subcontracted to deliver these programs and services. Funded by the Dept. of Social Services (DSS).

Children’s Voices Project - children and young people share how to build a stronger community. Register to join our event:

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Children’s Voices Project

Children’s Voices, Building Stronger Communities is a Communities for Children Inala to Ipswich Innovation Project utilising Mission Australia’s Strengthening Communities Framework.

Stage One – Listening to Children’s Voices. We partnered with Polyglot Theatre using an innovative Voice Lab to listen to over 200 Children across 10 School communities and 4 Community spaces responding to questions about what was important for them, why adults need to listen and what children and young people aspire to.

Stage Two – Children’s Voices. Stronger Schools asked children across 10 partner schools to Share their voice about what a strong community looks like through art. The results are displayed as a gallery at their school and online.

Stage 3 – Launching the Project and Q&A Panel. We officially launched Children’s Voices during Children's Week 2020 conducting two events in Ipswich and in South West Brisbane. At each event children lead a live panel Q&A asking their questions to civic and community leaders and service providers about how they will build a stronger community for children and young people. For Ipswich Children's Voices - we partnered with Ipswich City Council who will launch their Child and Youth Policy on the 26th October 2020. To check out the project page with info, and online gallery sharing artwork produced by local children go to  City of Ipswich. Our next event – Conversations with Kids will celebrate Children in Brisbane’s South West with an opportunity for children and community leaders to talk about what matters to them and how we can build a stronger community for Children and Young people . This event is supported by YMCA’s AMPLIFY program training young people in media skills . Conversations with Kids will be on the 27th November at 9.30 am. To register click here.

Stage 4 – Children’s Voices Advisory Councils. To ensure that children’s voices are valued, listened to and can contribute to the development of decisions to help build stronger communities we are setting up Children’s Voices Advisory Councils. Children from our key localities will share their ideas, suggestions and help contribute to decisions and strategy development across our Communities for Children Initiative in the Inala to Ipswich region.

Who we assist

We assist families with Children 0-12 years old in the Inala to Ipswich Region.

Eligibility criteria

We assist children aged 0-12 years and their families who are vulnerable or at risk within the Inala to Ipswich region

Referral process

We receive self-referrals as well as referrals by other agencies both government and non-government.

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