What is ParentsNext

Mission Australia ParentsNext is a voluntary program to support parents in re-entering the work-force as their children reach school age.

ParentsNext is designed to give parents the power to engage with personal guidance and financial and practical support on their terms with a proven long term positive impacts on the families overall life.


Who is ParentsNext for? 

You can access ParentsNext as a voluntary participant if:

  • Your youngest child is under 6 years of age; and
  • You are in receipt of Parenting Payment; and
  • You reside in an eligible Local Government Area
  • Are not already a current ParentsNext Compulsory Participant.


Our Process

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Achieve your goals and find work-life balance

Feeling overwhelmed by choosing a direction for your future? 
Have goals but don't know where to start? 
Need support with balancing study or employment goals with parenting responsibilities? 

We're here to help! - Mission Australia's ParentsNext program can assist you to achieve your goals and be ready to re-enter the workforce as your child reaches school age, increasing your independence and having a positive impact on the quality of your family life.


Engagement support Vouchers

To support the cost of living, the Australian Government has introduced engagement support vouchers to clients participating in the ParentsNext program. For each face-to-face appointment you attend, you’ll be eligible to receive a $50 store voucher to help out with everyday costs, up to a maximum of $250. These vouchers will be available until October 31st, 2024. 

These vouchers can provide essential assistance to families. With the cost-of-living increasing, petrol or grocery bills can be challenging to afford. As you navigate the demands of parenthood and financial obligations, we're committed to providing you with practical support through the ParentsNext program. Terms and conditions apply, speak to your ParentsNext contact for full details.


ParentsNext aims to help you develop:

  • Confidence to complete education and employment courses and support accessing the technology and materials you need to be successful
  • Financial awareness and budgeting support
  • Supportive and meaningful relationships with family and friends
  • Improved quality of life through accessing clinical mental health and counselling services
  • Confidence to independently access services, activities and community opportunities
  • Improved strategies to find work life balance while you meet your parenting responsibilities
  • Confidence to apply for and sustain long-term employment and offer potential employers a wage subsidy to help you make that transition back into the workforce in a role that fits with you and your family.


ParentsNext with Mission Australia

We can meet with you in person or over the phone – whatever is convenient for you. We also have child-friendly sites you if you choose to meet face-to-face and you want to bring your child/ren with you. Once we get to know you, we’ll work together on a Participant Plan that caters for your specific needs. This may include things like:

  • Accessing relevant activities and services to improve your personal situation and work-readiness
  • Using interpreters
  • Increasing your literacy and numeracy skills
  • Referring you to education to help you complete Year 12 or gain a Certificate III or higher qualification
  • Other activities, including voluntary work.

Mary achieved her goal​:

When the pandemic hit, Mary lost her job as a teacher.  Unemployed and managing three children, she felt overwhelmed and unsure about the future.

She connected with Judy from Mission Australia ParentsNext. Judy listened to Mary and her dreams of becoming a psychologist. Recognising her potential, she helped Mary plan and enroll into a psychologist degree.

"It would have been extremely difficult to continue with my studies without the ongoing support from Judy and the team from Mission Australia ParentsNext” Mary

After three years Mary will be graduating from her degree with flying colours.

"I couldn’t believe I was awarded an Academic Award from the Facility and will be graduating with the highest GPA within the Medicine and Health Facility". Mary



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Real stories from ParentsNext

Mary, unemployed and unsure of her future

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