Thank you for bringing quality care and support to children, so they can write their own futures.

Young people who feel valued, loved and supported are more likely to stay on track during their younger years.

Every young Australian should be able to reach their full potential and achieve their goals but some children in Inala are missing out due to the poor living conditions, low incomes and entrenched disadvantage in the community.

Thankfully, we support the community through Circles of Care. The program uses early intervention to work with schools, families and communities to build young people’s confidence and motivate students to achieve their goals.

Building confidence in young people

Jono loved playing with his friends but his shoes were broken.

Scared that they would make fun of him, he was embarrassed to run around with the others and sat by the oval watching the other children play.

Even though they were falling apart, his parents couldn’t afford to buy him a new pair of shoes and he had no choice but to wear his broken ones.

Financial disadvantage and poverty in Inala can result in young children like Jono being excluded from school activities. Missing out on these activities can negatively affect their friendships, relationships and overall wellbeing.

Thankfully through Circles of Care, Jono received a brand-new pair of shoes and socks.

“You should have seen the look on his face,” the case worker shared. “He gave me the best hug and proudly proceeded to run to the oval to join in with his friends.”

It may be just a pair of shoes, but these shoes meant the world to Jono. With new shoes, Jono can now participate in school activities and build his confidence among his peers.

Because of your generosity, Circles of Care can support young children like Jono through difficult times.

Listen to more stories and how your contribution is making breaking the cycle of poverty in children’s lives in inala.

You can help more children gain the resources and skills they need to succeed.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we help.

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