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Australian families like Mark* and his sons, Noah and Will. Mission Australia Caseworker, Kevin Kingsbeer, shares their story.

We heard about Mark from a social worker at the hospital. Mark had terminal cancer. No longer able to work, he and his two young boys lost their home and were living in a van.

Mark had worked hard all his life just to provide for his boys. His biggest concern was that his boys were going to be cared for.

It was just before Christmas and all Mark wanted was to see his youngest son, Will, get into a good high school the following year. But living in a van and seeing his father get sicker and sicker was really affecting Will.

Knowing his son couldn't study properly and might miss out on going to a good school was adding to Mark's stress.

As a father myself, I couldn't help but be affected seeing the children in distress. It was heart-wrenching. I thought 'We’ve got to do something. We have to help this family.'

Finding accommodation for homeless dads and their children is difficult. When we didn't have an immediate place to offer Mark and the boys, I felt helpless.

That's when the call went out to Mission Australia staff, local businesses, our corporate partners and supporters for donations to help. We phoned around for suitable accommodation and finally, with all the donations, we found them a tiny flat.

A fresh start

On Christmas Eve, I visited the family to deliver Christmas presents donated by our supporters. It was so beautiful seeing the boys’ faces — relieved to be in a safe home and amazed to be receiving the gifts. I've got to say, it was one of the highlights of my career.

It was incredible how everyone pitched in. Mark was so thankful. I just want to thank all our supporters.

Their generosity really can mean the difference between a family becoming homeless or being supported into safe accommodation where they can celebrate Christmas together.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the people represented

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