Your support helps vulnerable children like Tory finish school and prepare for the future.

The pandemic disrupted parts of our lives, but for 12-year-old Tory*, it helped secure a place at her school’s housing facility. With many students choosing to remain at home during the pandemic, Tory was offered a chance to live closer to her school in far North Queensland.

Getting to school has always been a challenge for Tory. Due to health complications, her parents were unable to drive Tory to school and if she missed the only available bus, it was a 45-minute walk in the heat or rain. The walk was difficult and at times, unsafe for the young girl.

Tory’s attendance began to slump and in one school year, she would miss over 100 days.

The absence affected her friendships and confidence level. Tory struggled to fit in and always felt like the new girl.

Concerned about her development, teachers referred Tory to Mission Australia’s Circles of Care program – a network that provides young girls and families with support to encourage positive development.

The Circles of Care team spent time getting to know Tory. Sometimes, they ate lunch together so she wouldn’t have to sit alone in the courtyard.

When the opportunity to move closer to school presented itself, the team helped Tory’s parents apply for accommodation.

At each step of the transition, they cheered Tory on as she prepared for a big change in her life. Her parents were hesitant at first but knew being closer to school was the best thing for their daughter’s education.

Since the move, Tory’s self-confidence and academic skills have continued to improve.

Thanks to your generosity, Tory’s newfound stability has also helped her find a new group of supportive friends.

Circles of Care relies on every little bit of generosity from our supporters. Without our supporters, we can't do what we do and it’s the small things that make a huge difference, says Leisa, Program Coordinator Circles of Care Yarrabah.



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