My name is Caroline. I live with Mission Australia in Cairns and I’m happy because I’m not going to be on the streets at Christmas.

The thing I’m looking forward to this Christmas is not being alone. All the people here are the same as me with nowhere to go. We’re not with our families, but we’ll be here together celebrating. We’re having Christmas dinner, doing decorations and having a service with the chaplain.

Christmas to me means that God’s been looking over us this year. He hasn’t left us even though we’ve been through the lowest part of our life. It’s a very hopeful time.

On behalf of everyone that lives here, we all thank you very much for being there for us and supporting us. I think my life would have really gone downhill if I wasn’t here. The staff have helped me a lot. They got me back on my feet.

I hope you and your family have a good Christmas.

Resident at Woree
Supported Accommodation

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