Your support inspires me everyday

Many of us know the pressure that comes with the rising cost of living but your commitment to continue helping those in need is remarkable.

Thanks to our supporters, services around the country have continued to respond to the needs of vulnerable children and their families.

Thank you for helping provide a safe place for people hurting, homeless or feeling hopeless in our community.

Anne-Marie Baker, Executive, Strategy & Engagement

We gain more when we give

In our world of inflation and constant accumulation, Jesus’ words “It is more blessed to give than to receive” may sound countercultural.

However, I have found Jesus’ words to be true in my life. I’ve come to believe that generosity never leaves you poorer, but extending generosity to others enriches your life.

I’ve seen our supporters also live this out. Thank you to all our wonderful supporters for your generosity over the last financial year!

Paul Sanders, Chaplain WA & NT

Helping young people like Emma step towards a new future

Before Emma arrived at Triple Care Farm, she was lost and struggling with addiction. Coming to Triple Care Farm was her last chance at a different future. Thanks to your support, Emma was given the care she needed to break free from her addiction and regain her sense of self.

Read Emma’s story

Emma looking happy outside

Ben is one step closer to his dream

Ben wants to open his own bakery one day – despite major setbacks in life, your support is helping Ben get one step closer to overcoming homelessness. Thanks to your support, Ben was warmly welcomed by his dedicated case worker. For the first time in his life, he believes he can overcome addiction and improve his physical and mental wellbeing.

Celebrate Ben’s journey

Ben looking happy

Stepping up to the challenge: Our first hike to end homelessness

Walking 15km (about twice the height of Mount Everest) in NSW’s beautiful Blue Mountains, our first event saw incredible supporters raise almost $30,000!

We conquered steep climbs and enjoyed spectacular views from Katoomba to Wentworth Falls, raising much needed funds for Mission Australia’s crucial services.

Learn more about upcoming events

Hikers on bridge

Say hello to two new facilities

This year, your incredible support helped us open two new places.

📍 Walawaani, youth residential rehabilitation facility on the South Coast of New South Wales

At Walawaani (meaning ‘we hope you have a safe journey home’), young adults can be nurtured through rehabilitation and given the best chance to break the cycle of addiction.

📍 Djindigal, residential rehabilitation facility in Far North Queensland

Djindigal (meaning ‘healing place’) provides a high level of practical and therapeutic support for adults to take control of their substance use and transition back into the community.

Young people outside and new facilities

Thanks for helping people with lived experience of homelessness speak out

With three years’ worth of data^ and evidence from our services, our latest Homelessness Impact Report sheds light on the experiences of people who are facing the prospect of not having a safe or affordable home.

Young people were most concerned about:The environment: 51%Equity and discrimination: 36%Mental health: 34%

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Thank you for your kindness, Helen

One rainy night in 2020, Helen stepped off a train when a young homeless man caught her eye. His face was bruised -- the physical evidence of domestic violence. "I couldn't just walk by," she recalls. "I had to do something to help."

For Helen, that was just the beginning.

When we are loving to one another, and those less fortunate in society, life becomes more meaningful.” says Helen.

Helen’s mission is to spread love where she can, like playing the piano for elderly care residents who are lonely and don't see their families often. “Music has always been an ongoing interest of mine," says Helen. "It's a way to bring people together and create a sense of joy."

But her passion for helping others doesn't end there. It's been instilled in her since childhood, as she watched her parents extend a helping hand to those in need. "I'd also like to be remembered for my genuine interest in the welfare of others," she says.

And now, she’s planning to leave a gift in her Will to Mission Australia.

"Having safe and comfortable housing matters very much to me," she says. "It's heartbreaking to think some families don't have a roof over their heads."

She hopes her gift can provide affordable housing for those in need and ongoing education for disadvantaged children.

For Helen, being Australian means supporting one another through life's challenges. "We support, listen, carry, and determinedly work through troubles together." And she will keep doing her part to make the world a better, more loving place, one act of kindness at a time.

A gift in your Will ensures there’s always a way forward for people in need.

Learn more about gifts in Wills

Helen looking happy

^ Data represents growing demand across Mission Australia services
Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of the people we help

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