Motivated by our vision for an Australia where all of us have a safe home and can thrive, Mission Australia’s 20-25 Strategy outlines how we will grow our collective impact alongside the people we serve, our funders, partners, supporters, and community stakeholders.


Our 20-25 strategic focus areas

Four strategic focus areas articulate how we will progress towards our goal of ending homelessness and ensuring people and communities in need can thrive.

1. Helping end homelessness in Australia

We’re focused on helping end homelessness in Australia by increasing the impact of our services and advocating alongside our sector partners.

With more than 160 years of experience, we help people to tackle the root causes of their challenges and enable them to participate fully in society.

Our aims

  • Support individuals to sustain tenancies
  • Grow pathways out of homelessness
  • Grow units managed to 6000+ by 2025 across 3-4 geographies
  • Influence homelessness policy changes
  • Grow social housing funding
  • Grow aged care

Our actions

  • Prioritise homelessness prevention
  • Housing First approach across homelessness services
  • Target stable housing for all people leaving our services
  • High quality social housing
  • Courageously advocate for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness
  • Change perceptions of disadvantage
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2. Partnering to strengthen communities

We believe postcodes should never limit futures so we’re partnering to strengthen communities through tailored approaches for long-term positive change.

Our aims

  • Commence 5 Communities of Focus partnerships by 2025
  • Open community hubs
  • Strengthen communities
  • Partner with churches
  • Build an evidence base of community change
  • Build local leaders for systemic change

Our actions

  • Adopt a place based approach
  • Favour depth not breadth to multiply impact
  • Build a portfolio of local services for the long term
  • Investing in physical community infrastructure to integrate services
  • Work with local churches
  • Demonstrate impact through local and long-term measures
  • Develop local people to meet community needs
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3. Supporting people in need to thrive

We’re passionate about helping people in need to thrive by providing and advocating for early intervention services that increase their wellbeing.

Our aims

  • Strategically shape our service portfolio
  • Grow Alcohol and Other Drugs rehab beds
  • Pro-actively pursue commissioning approaches with government
  • Early and effective referrals
  • Measure our impact consistently
  • Courageously advocate for vulnerable cohorts

Our actions

  • Focused business development
  • Early intervention
  • Advocate and serve young people
  • Provide wrap around support for people with multiple needs
  • Championing new service commissioning approaches
our strategy supporting thrive

4. Driving excellence

We’re driving excellence by constantly improving quality across everything we do, sharing expertise with others and multiplying our impact.

Our aims

  • Know our clients
  • Adopt digital tools to augment service delivery
  • Track client satisfaction
  • Complete longitudinal research
  • Maintain staff engagement
  • Measure staff performance
  • Lift staff attraction and retention
  • Share knowledge
  • Live out our Operating Principles

Our actions

  • Innovate with digital solutions
  • Equip staff to serve clients
  • Equip staff with the tools they need
  • Support continuous learning
  • Grow workforce diversity
  • Report our impact
  • Support sector knowledge sharing
  • Client participation
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Our purpose and values

As we pursue our 20-25 Strategy we will continue to be driven by our purpose and led by our values.

Our purpose

We continue to be inspired by Jesus Christ to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God.

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Our values

Our core values underpin all that we do. They are:

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Compassion - We are sensitive, understanding and caring in our service of all people.


Integrity - We are honest and transparent in our relationships and are accountable for our performance.

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Respect - We treat people with respect, embracing them as they are, by offering compassionate support.

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Perseverance - We help people overcome the challenges they face, no matter how hard it is.

People celebrating

Celebration - We readily celebrate our collective efforts and successes alongside the people we help.

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Purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'