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Remote Working Resources

These materials include guidance for Mission Australia staff on which technology platforms should be used for what purposes. These relate specifically to Mission Australia's IT settings so may not be relevant to other organisations.

Privacy and Confidentiality whilst working from home thumb

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Remote Service Delivery Worksheet thumb

Download here

Tips for Remote Service Delivery thumb

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Tips for Running Virtual Groups thumb

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Learning from Lived Experience: A Framework for Client Participation

9216 CISF thumb

At Mission Australia, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We're on a journey to continuously improve our client engagement and increase client participation. This framework sets out ways we can enhance genuine client participation and engagement and provides tips for identifying and responding to new opportunities for listening and learning from lived experience.

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Clinical and Care Governance Framework

9216 CCGF thumb

Mission Australia is committed to delivering high quality, safe and effective services which create powerful and sustainable change in people’s lives.

Our Clinical and Care Governance Framework is a part of our overall operational framework. It details the foundational pillars and principles of excellent clinical and care governance, and describes the mechanisms required for consistent and sustainable implementation.

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Lived Expertise Practice Framework

9216 LEPF thumb

The purpose of Mission Australia’s Lived Expertise Practice Framework is to provide a single definition of what lived expertise practice means to Mission Australia and its people. This framework outlines lived expertise practice domains, guiding practice principles and practices, and examples of enabling and not enabling lived expertise practice.

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National Case Management Approach

9216 NCMA thumb

Mission Australia’s National Case Management Approach provides a set of core principles that underpin our Case Management practices and outlines the core practice steps involved in effective Case Management. It is intended to inform practice at the local level and to provide support for staff to engage in discussions about their work.

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Recovery Oriented Practice Framework

9216 ROPF thumb

Mission Australia’s Recovery Oriented Practice Framework provides a set of core principles that underpin our recovery oriented practice, provides guidance about recovery models used within service delivery and articulates how recovery language is used across our organisation. It emphasises the importance of strengths-based, person-led, collaborative practice.

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Evidence to Action Summary

9216 ROPF thumb

This summary provides an overview of Mission Australia’s approach to using evidence, insights and learning to ensure we are providing the best possible services we can to the people and communities that we service. It includes our approach, case studies and lessons that we are using to scale and embed the process as part of our business-as-usual approach to service delivery.

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Partnership Kit: Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnership Kit thumb

For Mission Australia, partnerships are a crucial part of our work, achieving more together than we possibly could alone. This Partnership Kit supports staff with the guides and tools needed to establish and strengthen culturally appropriate partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, groups, and communities throughout Australia.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety Practice Guideline

Aboriginal and  Torres Strait Islander Cultural  Safety Practice  Guideline

At Mission Australia, creating a culturally safe organisation is everyone’s responsibility and should be considered as an ongoing journey of discovery and change.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety Practice Guideline provides guidance, advice and links to resources and tools for all staff to strengthen the cultural safety of their services and workplace and to assist Mission Australia’s transition to a culturally safe organisation.  These resources will support individuals to tailor their work and behaviours to ensure they meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups, and communities.

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Flagship Service Models

The following Flagship Service Models ('FSM') are part of MA's growing suite of national service models. Each FSM is evidence-led and aims to drive consistency and best practice by creating national guidelines that can be customised for local context. The services documented in these FSMs have been chosen based on what we do best, what we want to scale and what we want to be known for.

FSM - Integrated Model of Housing and Support

FSM - Youthbeat

FSM – Homelessness and Stable Housing Support Services

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