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Triple Care Farm Residential Rehabilitation

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Triple Care Farm is a residential rehabilitation and treatment program to help young people aged 16-24 to manage their withdrawal and recovery from alcohol and other drug use. The counselling and case management team provides assessment, treatment and intervention including individual and group counselling, family counselling and support, and assessment and treatment planning. Case management, including liaising with referral agencies, is provided to young people while they are in residence, helping them to identify and address their whole-of-life issues. A 6-month period of aftercare helps young people to sustain change upon return to their community.

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Helping young people on their recovery journey

Triple Care Farm is a residential rehabilitation program located at our Southern Highlands property that supports young people on their recovery journey to overcome substance misuse, dependency or addiction.

From personalised support to holistic medical care, we empower young people to make positive changes in their life and maintain long-term recovery.

If you are with us in the residential program, there is no requirement to have attended our withdrawl program. We work with you on your path to recovery.

More information about how Triple Care Farm works and Mission Australia’s approach to supporting young people.

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How does Triple Care Farm help?

  • Warm and welcoming natural setting with two sites to offer choice to people
  • Access to on-site counsellors, case managers and more.
  • Connection to health professionals including GPs
  • Variety of recreational, creative and educational activities

Triple Care Farm residential program: 12 weeks

Our rehabilitation program helps young people to improve their lifestyle choices and wellbeing. Up to 12 weeks each person will learn life skills and take steps towards a healthy and independent life.

We have two residential programs, operating from the beautiful Southern Highlands and South Coast areas.

What you can expect:

  • Access to activities and training; including hospitality, creative arts , photography and others
  • Nicotine replacement therapy and life skills
  • Sports and recreation activities; including an onsite gym, personal training, nutrition and fitness instruction

What happens after the program?

We help develop tailored accommodation and support plan. This is followed by up to 6 months after-care to help you transition to everyday life.

Other support available at Triple Care Farm

  • Triple Care Farm (Southern Highlands) Withdrawal program
  • Triple Care Farm (Southern Highlands) After care program
  • Additional locations (Triple Care Farm Walaawanni)

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Who we assist

Triple Care Farm specialises in treating clients with co-morbid mental illness & drug/alcohol problems. The service works with young people aged between 16 and 24 years; receiving referrals from all over Australia.

Eligibility criteria

Triple Care Farm provides services for male and female young people, ages 16 to 24 with alcohol or other drug issues. We provide an assessment, treatment and intervention for those participating in the rehabilitation and treatment program at Triple Care Farm

Referral process

We accept self-referrals and referrals by other agencies or guardians via an application form, followed by phone and face to face assessment.

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Opening hours

24 hours per day, 7 days per week

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