Dora’s* father was amazed at his daughter’s transformation and recovery after she joined Triple Care Farm’s rehabilitation program. Through the program, Dora has overcome her substance dependency and can look forward to a healthier future.

Thanks to our caring donors, Dora found hope for a better future at Triple Care Farm. Dora’s father openly shares their daughter’s struggle with addiction and how with your help, Dora finally received the help she needed to thrive.

“Dora was a great kid, but she got mixed up with a bad group of people at about the age of 17. No matter how much we tried, we just couldn't get through to her,” says Dora’s father. “She was badly affected by drugs and every conversation turned into a screaming match.”

Her self-destructive lifestyle hit a pinnacle when Dora was arrested in their family home and sentenced to a correctional centre for women.

“I remember the first visit to see how she was, and she was crying and begging us to help her out, to try and get her out of jail,” Dora’s father recalls. “But in our hearts, we knew that was the best place for her. We believed that if she wasn't in jail, she would have ended up dead or bashed or overdosed.”

After six months, Dora was moved to a different drug rehabilitation centre, but the facilities were understaffed and she was exposed to others using drugs.

“She rang me, begging me to do something about it, to get her out of that place,” her father recalls. “Her mum called Triple Care Farm, to see if they could help.”

Triple Care Farm, Mission Australia’s residential and rehabilitation centre, helps young people overcome alcohol and other drug addictions. Funded by Mission Australia’s supporters, Triple Care Farm assists young people like Dora on their path towards recovery.

“Triple Care Farm listened to what we had to say. They understood what we were going through, and they said they would take our daughter into the rehab program and care for her,” says Dora’s father.

At Triple Care Farm, Dora’s health improved, and she was on the path to recovery. Hearing the transformation in Dora was overwhelming and they began to hope again.

“I remember one phone call from her. She sounded so happy, I cried. That made me feel like we were slowly getting her back."

Dora’s father shares, “Over the next three months, the horrible life that she was living had left her. And she was starting to become ours again.”

Dora is now happy in a full-time job, back on track, and says, she'll never go back to that life again.


Listen to the effects of addiction and Dora's journey towards healing and recovery.

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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we help.

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