Thanks to people like you, young women are growing into future leaders through Dream Buyal Bandu, a peer-support group in Cairns.

Leisa Garling, Dream Buyal Bandu group leader teaches young women to value themselves and to grow their confidence and leadership skills.

We need our girls to know they can be and do anything. That through education, they have choices. Women can be educators, doctors, mechanics, butchers, CEO’s, mothers, whatever they want. Leisa

“We teach the girls that there are no ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ jobs. That if you want something and have a goal you can find a way to make it happen. And most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help,” Leisa shares.

Parents and grandparents were amazed to see the growth in the young women’s confidence and self-esteem.

"Their self-esteem has increased. They like who they are, they know that they’re loved and feel like they belong to a family and a community," a grandparent of a student shared.

“My two girls both attend the group and are now more confident and braver. My eldest daughter and my youngest daughter both became leaders in their school,” a parent shared. “When they first joined the group, they were very quiet and shy and now they are able to speak up.”

Leisa loves celebrating the achievements of the young women and encourages them to do the same for their peers.

“I love seeing and hearing a girl find her voice,” Leisa shared, “I love seeing them be proud of themselves instead of being ‘ashamed’ or not wanting attention on themselves. It's amazing to see them also be proud and supportive of each other’s achievements.”

Thank you for providing a space for young women to build their confidence and thrive.

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Dream Buyal Bandu is run by Circles of Care a program that collaborates with schools together to achieve positive outcomes for children’s learning and wellbeing.


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