It would have been extremely difficult to continue with my studies without the financial assistance and ongoing support from Judy and the team from ParentsNext,” - Mary

Working as a teacher and a single mum, Mary felt overwhelmed and unsure about the future.

Her dream job was to become a school psychologist to support students through life’s difficulties. She loved helping young students and the role would give her the flexibility to raise her three children. With no support her dream seemed impossible. How could she care for her children and commit the time to complete a new degree?

Mary pushed the thought aside and continued the daily grind of life.

Sadly, shortly after, Mary unexpectedly lost her job. Unemployed and managing three children on her own, her goal of becoming a psychologist seemed liked a pipe dream.

Mary felt aimless, alone and unsure what to do next.

Fortunately, she connected with Judy from ParentsNext, our support service funded by the Federal Government, that helps parents find employment.  

Judy listened to Mary and her dreams of becoming a psychologist. Recognising Mary’s potential, she helped her plan and enroll into a psychologist degree. Throughout university, Judy stayed by Mary’s side, giving her the encouragement and support she needed to achieve her goals.

Mary felt motivated to pursue her dreams.

It has been three years and Mary will be graduating from her degree with flying colours.

“I couldn’t believe I was awarded an Academic Award from the Facility,” Mary shared. “I received first place in my final assessment and will be graduating with the highest GPA within the Medicine and Health Facility.”

We’re so proud of Mary and are excited to see what goals she achieves next.

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