People transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing need support to adjust. It takes time for people to regain their confidence and independence.

Aherlkeme Development Centre (ADC) in Alice Springs helps families break the cycle of homelessness and learn independent living skills. Thanks to the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities, people like Carol and Saul break the cycle of homelessness and thrive.

Learning new skills to break the cycle of homelessness

Helping someone break the cycle of homelessness is not just about providing a place to sleep. Living in survival mode for so long, it can take time for people to feel comfortable in a safe and new environment. Some families may require support to maintain a healthy home and lifestyle.

For the past few months, Carol, Saul and their young children had been experiencing hidden homelessness and sleeping on friends’ couches. When our team connected with the family, we worked with them to find suitable accommodation.

After moving in, Carol and Saul mentioned they were struggling financially to put food on the table and afford housing payments. While they loved their new home, both parents were overwhelmed.

Determined to help the young family thrive, our team encouraged Carol and Saul by demonstrating some budgeting tips. Together, they worked on a plan for a safe and stable future.

Over time the parents put into practice what they learnt.

Carol and Saul began finding enjoyment in saving for key items around the home. Bit by bit, their home was starting to feel like theirs.


Moving into a new home is a big life change

Adjusting to change is extremely challenging. Change can be painful, but it is required for personal growth and fulfilment. Moving into a new place is hard and it can take time for people to get their bearings and develop a routine. While children are very resilient, moving out of homelessness into housing can be a tough transition.

When Carol and Saul couch surfed, the children would often skip school when they moved between friends’ houses. It wasn’t ideal and Carol assured herself that this would change once they could find a safe and stable place for her children to live.

Once they moved, Carol and Saul struggled to help their children adapt to the new routine. Their son refused to go to school. They reached out to the ADC team for advice.

Sitting down with the parents, our case workers worked on a plan to help motivate their son to go to school and adapt to the new routine. After a few months, the parents were excited to share that both children were enjoying and attending school regularly.

The entire family’s independence, confidence, and opportunities have increased immensely thanks to the support of the Department of Housing NT. Recently, the family moved into a house provided by Territory Families, Housing and Communities. Carol, Saul and their children are so excited to finally have a permanent place to call home.

*Aherlkeme Development Centre is a 12-month program that provides transitional accommodation and support to eligible participants (as approved and referred by Territory Housing) who are experiencing issues with housing and homelessness. Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of the people we help.

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