Mission Australia, in partnership with The Salvation Army, is now offering an innovative solution to providing independent housing for women who have experienced domestic and family violence (DFV).

Over the last few years, people from the community services, business and real estate sectors co-developed a service to connect landlords to women and children who are looking for private rentals. The service involves prioritising rentals to particular women as a way of significantly supporting them.

The Priority Project team now manages a Private Rentals Property Register that captures which properties are available and which women are seeking housing. Partners, including Property Managers from multiple real estate agencies across South East Queensland, work together to secure housing. 

Property Managers prioritising women in need

Organisations supporting women into housing in a new way

Domestic and family violence and homelessness in Queensland

DFV remains a leading driver of homelessness and housing instability across Australia. In Queensland, one in three women experiences physical violence and one in five women experiences sexual violence.i

For women and children who experience DFV, the lack of available housing options makes it incredibly hard to leave an abusive situation. The current housing system is also not designed to provide long-term housing solutions. Additionally, some women find it difficult to secure rentals without a rental history or support, so many women reside in refuge accommodation long-term.

Over the last six years, homelessness in Queensland has risen by 22%, compared to an 8% increase across other states.i The homelessness system primarily focuses on crisis responses. There is a significant shortage of medium to long-term housing options available for women and children,” says Marion Bennett, Mission Australia’s Executive for Practice, Evidence and Impact. “This service is focused on securing accommodation for women and supporting them to sustain independent tenancies” she says.

More about the priority project

The Priority Project plans to help women and children fleeing DFV by:
  • Reducing incidences where a woman returns to a violent home
  • Helping them avoid homelessness
  • Finding accommodation and services to support them more easily and provide them with more control, choice and confidence
  • Helping them settle into a new community with increased support and security
  • Providing opportunities to possibly access rental properties at more affordable rates – thanks to owners who may choose to reduce their rent (but they are not required to)
  • Improving mental and physical health.
Women housed in properties are supported by organisations throughout their tenancy.
A New Solution ThePriorityProject

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iQCOSS A blueprint to tackle Queensland’s housing crisis 2023

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