When he lost his job during the pandemic, David* and his pregnant wife had no choice but to couch surf.

David and his wife Sue* have the family they always dreamed of, but when David suddenly lost his job during the pandemic, he felt like a failure.

The family’s small savings fund had enough to last an extra month but there was no way they could afford to pay the bills.

Facing eviction, a relative offered their couch for the family to sleep on. They were grateful, but the overcrowded space was not sustainable – especially with a baby on the way.

When David and Sue heard about Mission Australia, they reached out for support.

Did you know? Every night, thousands of Australians like David, and Sue experience homelessness. Although the most visible experience of homelessness involves sleeping rough on the streets, this type of homelessness only represents 7% of the homeless population. The large population of the ‘hidden homeless’ move between the homes of family members or stay in refuges, cheap motels, caravans and even cars.

It had been weeks since the family had a proper bed to sleep on and with a baby on the way, our team worked hard to secure a temporary home for the pair to stay in while we helped them apply for permanent housing.

Our case manager arranged food vouchers, furniture, and other household items. We worked with David to help him find new work to support the family and connected Sue to parent groups in the area.

With help from our supporters, David and Sue secure an affordable home where the family could settle in and prepare for their newborn daughter, Sophie*.

For the new parents, David and Sue, ‘home’ is more than just a roof over their head – it's a safe place where they can welcome their newest addition.

Thanks for helping David and Sue escape homelessness and find the support they need to thrive.

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*Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of the people we help.

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