Make a charity donation to help Australia’s youth

The transition from childhood is not always smooth, particularly when various personal and social issues enter the mix. Not all young people enjoy the same support structures, opportunities or community connectedness.

And not every young person makes the right decisions. Your donation assists Mission Australia to reach out to vulnerable youth with a range of programs.

young-person-case-studyEach night, young people under the age of 25 make up 43% of the 105,000 homeless Australians. 1

Last year alone we supported 20,894 young people through 77 youth services.

Our young people continue to struggle; more than a quarter (26%) of people aged 16–24 years have a mental disorder, including anxiety, effective and substance use disorders. 2

We support at-risk youth, supporting them to stay at school, or assisting them with work-ready skills. We provide residential rehabilitation and treatment programs for young people battling addiction.

We address the underlying cause of a young person’s offending behaviour before they become entrenched in the youth justice system.

We provide homeless youth with an alternative to nights spent on the street and counseling to overcome their problems.  

Donations like yours help us stand together with Australian youth, building their self-esteem as they move towards independence and full participation in Australian society. It’s donations like yours that help us make a difference.

Thank you for choosing to donate. By adding to our fundraising efforts you’re making a difference in the lives of youth across Australia. All donations are tax deductible, you can donate online through credit card, direct debit or pay pal.

1 ABS. 2008.  National survey of mental health and wellbeing: Summary of results.  Cat. No. 4326.0. Canberra: ABS
2 Chamberlain, C and MacKenzie, D (2008) Counting the Homeless 2006, Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Catalogue No. 2050.0




In 2016, Mission Australia's families, children and early learning services helped more than 27,000 people to get back on their feet and move towards independence.

It is only possible to continue to change the lives of thousands of Australians in need through the generous gifts from our supporters and partners.

The Mission Australia supporter promise was created to ensure all supporters understand how valued they are by Mission Australia.

Read Mission Australia's promise to you.


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How we use our funds

More than 86% of Mission Australia's income goes towards delivering services that support Australians in need.

Mission Australia is committed to good stewardship of all the funds in our care. We appreciate every donation we receive, and ensure that every dollar is well utilised.

We endeavour to reduce costs wherever possible and have a think twice policy about all expenditure. Thank you for your support.


Regular Giving donation



can contribute towards art supplies for a student enrolled in a 20 week artwork program.



can help provide a qualified case manager to work with a young person in need for one week.



an help provide access to learning and development opportunities for a young person dealing with a mental health issue.



can help provide counselling or mentoring sessions for a young person suffering depression, bullying or substance abuse.

One-off donation



can help pay for education and skill development classes for a young person dealing with a mental health issue.



can help provide a homeless person with a night of crisis accommodation and assistance.



can help pay for a qualified Case Manager for a young and their family each month.



can contribute towards providing a homeless person one night of crisis accommodation and support to help them get back on track.

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