Do you remember why you first donated to Mission Australia? For Ruth, it’s a moment she’ll never forget…

Our Missionbeat staff are renowned for going the extra mile to help people in need. But around 30 years ago, our team had a rather unique encounter.

Photo of hilda and ruth

Ruth remembers receiving a call from the nursing home where her mother was living while at work one day. Aged 87 and suffering severe dementia, Hilda had wandered off and was missing.

Deeply concerned for her wellbeing, Ruth was relieved to receive another call several hours later letting her know that our Missionbeat team had found Hilda on the street and stopped to help her.

Missionbeat gave her a cup of tea then took her back to the nursing home. Ruth recalls.

Thankful for the care shown by the team, Ruth has been supporting Mission Australia ever since.

While today Ruth finds it difficult to donate regularly due to her own declining health, she has included a gift to Mission Australia in her Will to ensure that Missionbeat can continue to help many more vulnerable people long after she’s gone.

Have you considered leaving a gift to Mission Australia in your Will?

Like Ruth, many of us have the desire to leave this world better than how we found it.

Throughout our lives, we give our time, energy and finances to the people and things we love and want to see prosper. Your Will is the best way of ensuring that these things continue to be cared for long after you’re gone.

For 160 years Mission Australia has been creating lasting change by reducing homelessness and strengthening communities. For all that time, Australians like Ruth have trusted us to be responsible stewards of their gifts, allowing us to support millions of vulnerable people.

Leaving a bequest to Mission Australia will ensure your last gift is one that makes lasting change.

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