Like most children in Australia, seven-year-old twins Stacey* and Annabelle* were required to complete their schooling from home. But not all families have the same resources as others – leaving many disadvantaged students behind.

Thankfully the twins' mother, Lucy connected with Rachael, a Family Case Worker from Brighter Futures. Brighter Futures is a Mission Australia program that supports families through their challenges. Rachael took the time to listen to Lucy’s struggles and identified that a home computer was essential to the twins' education.

My girls did everything they could, but they couldn't keep up with their education and schoolwork.Lucy

Thankfully, Rachael was able to source a laptop and a six-month internet plan for the twins to continue their learning from home.

“'I was happy we were able to organise a laptop and internet access for the children” said Rachael. “This is supporting their learning needs and helping them be more involved and creative in their homework."

Since receiving the laptops, Stacey and Annabelle have overcome the difficulties of studying at home and are thriving in school.

With your support, Rachael was able to be there for Lucy and her family in their time of need.

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