Natural disasters and extreme weather events, such as floods and bushfires force many to leave their homes, often with no where to go. 

Tragically, flooding across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, affected thousands of Australians as they returned home to houses under water. Not enough emergency accommodation or affordable housing, left many people homeless and tragically searching for help. Forcing some to travel far from their homes to find help.


Donna's Story: Homeless after floods

After the devastating floods in Lismore, New South Wales, Donna lost her home, all her belongings and had no where to go. 

Half the house is underwater, I've lost the lot. - Donna

For five months, Donna searched in vain for temporary housing. There was simply not enough emergency accommodation for the number of displaced people in Lismore. 

Thankfully, after months of searching, Donna was connected to our team in Coffs Harbour, who helped her find emergency accommodation. Donna was thrilled that a month later she was offered a permanent home, for her and her dog Tucker. 

Committed to long-term restoration

Sadly in the next hour, 3,000 Australians like Donna will reach out to homelessness services like Mission Australia for help.

Extreme weather events, such as floods and bushfires, have caused severe damage and hardship on communities across Australia in recent years. 

While Mission Australia is not a disaster relief organisation, we provide vital ongoing community services across Australia and support people and families experiencing disadvantage and homelessness. As an organisation, we are continuing to advocate for long-term investment in social and affordable housing so that everyone can have a safe and secure home. 

Long after the flood waters subside, it will take an extended period of time and community-wide support to recover what has been lost. As an organisation focused on ending homelessness and strengthening communities, we know there is and will be much more work to do to ensure that people are safely and appropriately housed and have the community support they need. 

Farmer Donna and worker

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Names and Images have been changed to protect the identities of the people we helped
1Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2022), Specialist homelessness services annual report 2021–22

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