We’re all getting older but at a certain age, living independently in your own home can become challenging. For some older adults, health factors or financial circumstances can make it more difficult to sustain their lifestyle at home. An unexpected health crisis or sudden event like the loss of a partner or family member can leave older adults vulnerable to homelessness, or at risk of homelessness.

Do older people experience homelessness?

In Australia, around 1 in 7 (or 19,378 people) who are experiencing homelessness are over 55 years old, increasing by 4% over the past five years.1

In 2022-23, the most common reasons for older adults seeking assistance from specialist homelessness services like Mission Australia included:

  • Housing crisis (eg. eviction): 22

  • Financial difficulties: 16%

  • Inadequate or inappropriate dwelling conditions: 14%

Read more about what causes homelessness in older people. 

Finding a safe home later in life

Everyone – regardless of their age – deserves to have a safe place to call home where they can age with dignity and respect. For residents like Patricia and Virgina, our Aged Care facilities have become a safe place to call home.

Annie Green Court is one of three Mission Australia aged care facilities that provides residential care to vulnerable older people who are unable to live independently.

Opened in 2012, Annie Green Court is a purpose-built facility overlooking leafy Redfern Park. Close to Sydney’s CBD, the space provides vital accommodation and support services to vulnerable older adults.

For staff like Gabby, a Care and Wellness Assistant, working at Annie Green Court is more than a job. It’s about ensuring people feel safe and looked after.

“I see the impact [of our work],” says Gabby. “The work we do here makes a difference for our residents.” 

Every day, staff at Annie Green Court help some of our community’s most vulnerable people, like Virgina and Patricia, feel safe and taken care of. Meet two people at Annie Green Court and catch a glimpse of their life at Annie Green Court. 

"That homely feel” - Virgina’s story

After a health scare, Virginia was cautious about moving to an aged care facility. But when she arrived at Annie Green Court, she felt at home.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I was coming here... I thought, here we go, a hospital but it’s nothing like it.”

For Virigina, the comfortable rooms at Annie Green Court make the space feel ‘homely’. And having a private shower and toilet goes a long way for her privacy and dignity, she says.

“This is more homely. What the staff do for me means a lot.”

“The nurses are really tops,” says Virgina. “They’re qualified to look after me, which makes me feel better. I don’t have to worry if I’ve had my medication... The nurses put us first, which is very touching.”

Living at Annie Green Court, Virigina has also found a sense of community.

“I’ve got a couple of really good friends,” says Virgina. “We play card games or board games and we talk a lot.”

“Living here allows me to cope” - Patricia’s story

Four and a half years ago, an accidental fall meant living alone in her apartment was no longer the safest option for Patricia.

“For quite a lot of years, I lived by myself and I enjoyed my independence,” says Patricia.

After the fall, she was hesitant about whether to return to living alone or moving to Annie Green Court.

“In the end I stayed here [Annie Green Court] which is actually the right decision,” she says.

13454 image 3 Patricia

After settling in, Patricia says she loves being part of our Annie Green Court family, especially the meals.

“All meals are prepared for you...the quality is good,”
she says. And when there’s something on her mind, Patricia turns to our staff for a second set of ears.

“If I need someone to talk to about some issue that’s troubling me, usually I go to them and sound them out and get their opinion,” says Patricia.

Learn more about our Residential Aged Care services.

 1ABS (2021) Census of Population and Housing: Estimating Homelessness

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