Mission Australia’s founders were members of a broad range of Christian churches and we continue to be a non-denominational Christian charity, driven by our founding purpose and led by our values.

We are not a church, but connect with Christians and churches through prayer, church engagement resources, fundraising and volunteering. We also partner with many other people, organisations and governments as we pursue our vision of an Australia where all of us have a safe home and can thrive.  

Our founding purpose

Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God.

It is as relevant today as ever: calling us to reflect on the person and work of Jesus as our source of purpose, strength and guidance.1 Jesus commanded us to “love your neighbour as yourself”.2 He loved and cared for all, but he deliberately sought out and ministered to the most vulnerable, the poor, the disabled and the disempowered.

Likewise, we particularly support those experiencing persistent disadvantage, aiming to stand beside them until they can stand for themselves, and in turn contribute to others.

Holistic and inclusive in our mission

Human need is both physical and spiritual. There are many linkages between ‘meeting human need’ and ‘spreading the knowledge of the love of God’. We aim to meet the needs of the whole person, which sets us apart from secular service providers.

We believe all of us are made in the image of God.3 Everyone is uniquely created and gifted, with a contribution to make.4 We serve and care for all, regardless of background or faith.5

We particularly work to serve indigenous Australians, strongly supporting reconciliation – as Jesus asks us to6 - through recognition and empowerment.

Our people are from diverse backgrounds, and we value their dedication, giftedness and goodwill. We are Christians, people of other faiths, people on a faith journey, and people of no-faith – although every Mission Australia staff member is expected to know and acknowledge Mission Australia’s commitment to its explicitly Christian identity and not act in any way which diminishes or undermines it.

Our leaders, especially Directors and Executives, have a particular responsibility in commending the Christian faith by exhibiting the highest ethical and operational standards and in setting a collegial tone that is gracious, appreciative and non-judgemental towards others. We also prioritise the safety of our staff, clients and communities we serve.

How we strive to serve as a Christian organisation

A focus on the disadvantaged and vulnerable

  • Inspired by Jesus our work is designed to address persistent disadvantage and vulnerability within Australian society.

True wellbeing

  • Jesus intends that, through Him, people might experience a more abundant life.7 We strive to help people make good choices and achieve lasting change in their lives.


  • Extensive research shows that spiritual belief can build resilience and personal wellbeing. Specifically, we affirm the Christian faith as being true and transformative.

Pastoral care

  • Our Chaplaincy program offers appropriate pastoral care to Mission Australia staff and clients when requested, including referring people to other faiths if asked, and we understand that not everyone wants to engage with spiritual matters.

Building strong families and relationships

  • We work to honour and build up safe family structures and relationships by providing support where they are fractured or at risk– recognising that in some circumstances safety can only be achieved with people living apart.8

Building community

  • We seek to strengthen communities and community participation, including partnering and building supportive working relationships with local churches.9

Relational, not transactional

  • Mission Australia takes a people-centred and relational approach to all that we do.


  • Like Jesus, Mission Australia advocates to help address human need and give a voice to those who have none.10

Stewardship and risk

  • We must exercise the highest standard of accountability in the use of our resources and funds. This requires efficiency and effectiveness, so we are committed to measuring our impact, and managing risk carefully. We will promote social and environmental policies which minimise harm and promote wellbeing.

How our work spreads the knowledge of the love of God

Sharing the good news

  • We spread the knowledge of the love of God by sharing openly our Christian belief,11 having Bibles available to all who ask, and referring clients who are seeking spiritual guidance. We are respectful of all and will never require anyone to discuss or accept the Christian message in order to receive assistance, or to work with us.

Societal realities

  • We work hard to promote healing and be a positive Christian example, because we understand the hurt caused by Christian organisations which abuse trust.

Christian witness

  • Whatever we do, in everything, Mission Australia strives to be a clear and consistent Christian witness, with integrity, humility, and thankfulness.12
For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

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Our founding purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'