After experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship, songwriter and singer Benny Black used music to capture his experience. Benny shares his latest song, “You can’t hurt me", and encourages others to find help.

A little while ago I was in an abusive relationship. I eventually moved on, but it was hard at the time. Everyone around me didn’t realise how damaging the relationship was to me.

The abuse I experienced was more emotional than physical. Words were used to run me down every day, basically telling me "you are worthless", eventually I started to believe it and my self-esteem went right down.

It eventually got too much for me. I couldn’t sleep and I got so down that I had to make a move. It took me a long time to get to that stage. Some of my friends have been in the same situation, mostly women, but it has happened to my male friends too. I’ve had friends who have been physically and emotionally abused and some are still being abused to this day.

Since the pandemic gave me more time to record, I’ve been writing more songs. I wanted to write and record a song on abusive relationships because of what’s happened this year and how domestic and family violence is more prevalent.

I hope this song can give hope and encourage others to eventually make a move out of the relationship and do what they can to save themselves.

Benny has kindly chosen to donate the proceeds from the song’s streams and downloads to families and children escaping domestic and family violence.

Interview originally shared on ABC Mid North Coast NSW Radio

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Learn more about domestic and family violence in Australia.

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