Many hearts make light work. Join a growing community of strong, caring individuals committed to the same dream – a safer, brighter future for vulnerable Australians.

John - paying it forward

30 years ago, John was living on the streets. Until one day he connected with Mission Australia who stood by him on his path to independence.

Mission Australia helped me so in return I’m helping them by leaving a gift in my Will so they can use the money to continue to help others like me.”

Phil – striving for equality

Phil’s grandparents grew up through the Depression and often went without basic necessities. They were committed to their Christian faith and church and instilled in him the values of gratitude, kindness and supporting your local community.

We asked Phil what he hoped leaving a gift in his Will could create for future generations.

I’d like to see a world where everyone has equal opportunity to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy – no matter who they are or their background. As an organisation inspired by Jesus, that’s the hope Mission Australia offers people in need.”

Phil and his family

Lois – sustaining the kindness she saw

Lois became a dedicated supporter through her earlier nursing career and a chance encounter that led her to visit the Mission Australia Centre in Surry Hills.

When I looked at the men there… I was so touched to see that someone had faith in these men and helped them to change their lives, and I’ve been supporting Mission Australia ever since.”

Lois has included Mission Australia in her Will with the hope that her support will continue to help Australians in need for many years to come.

old picture of Lois

Helen – doing her part to make the world a better place

Helen’s mission is to spread love where she can, like playing the piano for elderly care residents who are lonely and don't see their families often. Her passion for helping others has been instilled in her since childhood, as she watched her parents extend a helping hand to those in need. "I'd also like to be remembered for my genuine interest in the welfare of others," she says. “That’s why I have left a gift in my Will to Mission Australia.”

She hopes her gift can provide affordable housing for those in need and ongoing education for disadvantaged children. "Every child deserves a better start in life," she says.

For Helen, being Australian means supporting one another through life's challenges.

It's what being an Aussie is all about, isn't it?" she says. “When we are loving to one another, and those less fortunate in society, life becomes more meaningful.”

And she will keep doing her part to make the world a better, more loving place, one act of kindness at a time.

image of Helen Finch

Arthur – keeping his daughter’s legacy alive

When Arthur’s daughter Alison tragically passed at only 36, he learnt she had left a gift in her Will to Mission Australia. He drew comfort knowing he was able to carry out Alison’s last wishes which made the pain of her loss a little more bearable.

We realised through Alison we could make a difference to people in need. Her gift will help strengthen families and teach children to read and that is a blessing.”

Arthur has now also included a gift in his Will, “I feel fortunate that I can continue this work”.

image of Arthur

Tony - motivated by The Parable of The Good Samaritan

“What motivates me in helping my fellow human being is the Parable of The Good Samaritan. We should “love our neighbours as ourselves.”  When other people need our help the most, like the man on the road in this Parable, is when our love for our neighbour is truly tested.

My late father had supported Mission Australia since reading a series of articles in The Daily Telegraph back in 1999 about Sydney City Mission called “Have a Heart Appeal”. I used to read the magazines he received which talked about the work they were doing for the homeless; I would contribute towards his monthly pledge. When my father passed away in 2010, I asked that his pledge be transferred into my name.

I believe one is obliged to return something back to society, and my way of extending that commitment to reach future generations, is to leave a gift in my Will.

I know that I can’t solve every problem, but I do know I’m helping someone - a struggling family, a homeless teenager or a “neighbour” like you or me who has fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.”

image of Tony McCarthy

Beryl – finding joy ensuring everyone has the chance to thrive

Beryl grew up in a large family and was inspired by her father to leave a gift in her Will to Mission Australia. He instilled in her the value of kindness, the importance of sharing and giving and being part of their wider community.

I read on their website that given the right support, anyone can reach their full potential. That’s why I like giving to Mission Australia --- people are given hope for the future and get over the challenges that are destructive to their life, after getting support. It’s so satisfying to help.”

image of Beryl

Ruth – living her values

Ruth has been a long-time supporter of Mission Australia, from an early connection with the Brisbane City Mission where she discovered an organisation aligned with her faith and values. Without the time or energy to volunteer, Ruth decided to lend her support through donations, to enable others to do it on her behalf.

Never having a family of my own has allowed me to open my heart to those less fortunate than myself. Those who need God’s loving help through me. If I love God, it follows that I will love all of Creation and want to do all I can to protect everything including those people who need extra love and care. I can live on in this way.”

image of Ruth

Keith* – a helping hand for the homeless

Keith's concern for Sydney's rough sleepers began in his youth when he volunteered at the hospice of St Vincent’s Hospital. He was inspired by the motto of the Catholic Sisters of Charity, "the love of Christ urges us."

Reflecting on his blessings, Keith felt a deep gratitude and an awareness of the material disparities others faced. His passion for helping the homeless grew stronger after a trip aboard a Missionbeat van where he witnessed firsthand the compassionate work of the staff.

“Their empathy and genuine care left a profound impact on me”. says Keith. Keith's commitment to helping vulnerable Australians became even more resolute during the pandemic. He updated his Will to ensure that his legacy will continue to support those in need.

Whatever is left when I’m gone, will help them carry on,” says Keith. “Without us, who will help them?”

Peter – dedicated to supporting the vulnerable towards independence

“For over 15 years, my wife and I have been strong charitable supporters of causes that empower the vulnerable.

I had the fortune of seeing first-hand how one of Mission Australia’s programs operated, through mentoring young men at a facility in Sydney for two years. It was eye-opening, hearing their struggles and determination to regain independence.

Mission Australia, without exception, offered the right support, guidance, and advice. Their approach does not encourage dependence on handouts, they aim to assist each person in regaining their independence.”

We want to continue supporting people in this way even beyond our lifetime, that’s why we are leaving a gift in our Will to Mission Australia. We really hope that by sharing our story we can inspire others to join us, to make a real difference. Empowering future generations, together!”

With a gift in your Will, your life story can help write new chapters for others. You can make sure that, no matter what, a person in need will always have somewhere to turn and know there is a possibility for change.

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*Name has been changed.

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